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    Atlanta, GA, United States
    I am a Blogger, web & graphic designer, girlfriend, student, model, nurses aid, night owl, friend of 420, activist, Catholic, Buddhist, yoga follower, survivalist, friend, daughter, Canadian, Atlantan, strawberry blonde spaz, with a kind heart.
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    ALL PITCHES WELCOME (and often accepted)!
    For any questions, please email me at:
    or fill out the Contact Form @ the bottom of this page.

    Rather download and run? No problem:
    The Skinny:
    I love reviewing things. Not only that, but I am a walking AND talking billboard. I am always more than willing to discuss a new product I have found. I often strike up conversations while shopping with complete strangers. I pride myself on always being as professional as possible. I will never speak ill out of malice or non-agreement. When you work with me, you will never have to worry about having an uncomfortable experience. I always encourage you to contact me if you feel un-easy about a review/giveaway. I will NEVER write a bad review. If I encounter a problem with the item, you will be the first and only to know. 

    I accept most items. Full size only (unless otherwise stated from the beginning.) I do not pay for any items or shipping. I do accept paid advertisements and reviews.

    the mini Beach bird has been activly online for about 3 months, has over 200 GFC follows, over 200 subscribers, and over 200 twitter follows. I also have had over 2000 Visitors with around 1200 Absolute Unique Visitors with over 3500 page views. Most are female, in between 18-75, and make a life out of being a mother. As well as over half my readers being "green" or ecologically friendly.

    The Phat:
    Are we meant to be?
    About Me and Mine:
    • I am a 22 y/o never married female.
    • I have professional experience in: Cooking, Nursing, Web/Graphic Design, Personal Organization, Veterinary, Retail, Computer IT, and Public Relations.
    • In my household I have:
      • One (1) female over 70 years of age.
      • One (1) female in between 35-50 years of age.
      • One (1) female in between 21-25 years of age. *Myself
      • One (1) male in between 21-25.
        • As well as four (4) large-breed dogs, (2) toy-breed dogs, and five (5) inside cats.
    • I am 100% green and 420 friendly, and am more than willing to work with companies in that bracket. 

    About My Blog (the mini Beach bird):
    • the mini Beach bird was started in April, 2010. 
    • Within three (3) months it had over two-hundred (200) Google Friend Connect followers.
    • As of July 8th, 2010 the mini Beach bird has had:
      • Over 2000 Visitors with around 1200 Absolute Unique Visitors
      • Over 3500 pageviews
        • In over forty (40) countries.
        • Translated into over fifth teen (15) languages.
      • Over 200 readers/subscribers.
      • Over 200 twitter follows.
      • Most visitors spend an average of five (5) minutes or more viewing content.
    • My blog is viewable in almost all browsers and resolutions *some distortion may occur

    About My Readers:
    • About 90% are female. 
    • Most are mothers, grandmothers, wives or single women (like myself).
    • Age range of around 18 - 75.
    • Atleast 60% are "green" or ecologically friendly.

    Review items:
    • I am willing and able to review:
      • Baby clothing*
        • In between the ages of 20 months and 6 years.
      • Baby food*
      • Bedding & Fabric Arts
        • Sheets
        • Quilting fabrics, Sewing fabrics
        • Yarn for knitting/crocheting
      • Books
        • Fiction, Non-Fiction, Arts & Crafts, How-To, Children's books, etc.
      • Clothing
        • Men's and Women's
        • Sunglasses, hats, hair accessories, tops, bras, intimates, lingerie, shoes, socks, etc.
      • Electronics
        • Garmin accessories, ALL APPLE PRODUCTS, external HD, etc. (I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit)
      • Food
        • All food, including vegetarian and vegan.
      • "Green" items
        • MOST NEEDED!
        • Hair care, body care, lotion, perfume, oils, etc.
        • Home care, carpet and hardwood care, 
      • Gardening
      • Hobby Items*
        • Photography, painting, drawing, writing, etc.
      • Home decor
      • Jewelery
        • All jewelery, esp. pearls.
      • Make-up
        • Powder and mineral make-up, sensitive skin, oily skin, I LOVE EYESHADOW and bright colors, nail care, etc.
      • Music
        • I am open to all music, although I tend to enjoy rap, rock, pop, indie, alternative, urban, and techno the best.
      • Personal Care
        • Lotions, special products.
      • Video Games
        • Wii, PS 3, & Xbox 360

    • Unlike many blogs, I DO happily accept and review/giveaway adult material (18+).

    *These items may be reviewed by a personal, professional associate of mine. I have many close friends working in marketing, product development, magazines, and other everyday areas. If I feel their professional experience is a better judge than mine, I may approach them to do the review for me. I will then hold a personal interview with them to gather information on the product and their experience. You will be notified first, and all final reviews go through me first.
    Is what I do ok with you?
    About My Policies:
    • I require a full-size version of the product. (Unless otherwise stated from the beginning)
    • I am willing to do review only, but I greatly prefer to host a giveaway.
    • I am NEVER willing to put forth money for a product. I will NOT pay for any shipping or handling charges. (Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this matter.)
    • No Returns!
    • Your company must handle all shipping arrangements when doing a giveaway. (Unless otherwise stated from the beginning)
    • You will choose the length of the giveaway, the number of winners, and any specific mandatory entries (upon review and approval.)
    That's Money, honey!
    About Paid Advertising:
    • I allow most *appropriate paid advertising.
      • Prices range from:
        • $15/month for up to a 125px X 125px button or $25/month for up to a 300px X 300px banner.
        • $5/per one (1) line text link, $7/per two (2) line text link, or $9/line text. (I do allow multiple site text links, ex. site 1, 2, and 3 can share a three (3) line text link ad.)
        • $35/per paid review. (Please email me directly for more information.)
    • All prices can be done in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment. (Please understand for all non-monthly payments, each payment will be round up to the next .5 dollar amount. Ex. $5 billed weekly will be $1.50 instead of $1.25)
    • I only except paypal.

    Contact Form:

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