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    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Introduction To Wedding Madness

    So.... Wedding News!

    No, I'm not getting married. (Gotcha Mom). Just recently I had the pleasure of attending the Mom Select Atlanta Mom bloggers conference. I had a wonderful time, and met some fabulous Atlanta blogging mommies. Which I thank Maria from Mom Select, very much! I really enjoyed it.

    Now on to the meaning of this post. When I attended the conference, I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend, who is very dear to me. Cari and I have been friends for nearly 5 years. We have certainly been through some trials together. (Not to mention pulling a tick of her LOL)
    Anna-Banana at 17 months.
    Cari recently had a darling baby girl named Anna. She is a delight. After the birth of her daughter she became engaged to the father, and now the wedding is creeping up to us, in a way that would make you wonder if Einstein was out of his mind, and really we only have 15 hours in a day.
    *My fav*
    Marina by Michelle Roth
    So, while I was looking for dresses for her I took a peek at some of the dresses that were popular online. Now, I've had to deal with looking for dresses for myself befor, and quite frankly I always feel like I'm settling. I can NEVER find a dress that I can proudly say "This is THE dress."

    Although I will say I have found some wonderful dresses, like:
    Saison Blanche Boutique
    2 Be Bride-Elizabeth Darcy
    Maya By Michelle Roth
    by Stephanie James Couture 
    Is it weird all the dresses I like have blonde models... :P

    Then of coarse, we found the REALLY (sarcasm implied) good ones. Vegas wedding, here we come! Where's Elvis?!?!
    Pnina Tornai
     All-in-all I found some nice ones... (my favorites is up to just under 100 LOL) So, I can't complain. And hey, this isn't even my weeding lol. :D

    So, here's my question to you,
    Did you ever find "your" dress, and if so, how long did it take you to find it?

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