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    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!! Hello Rainbow Cleaning System!

    Ok so, your probably saying, "So, she finally decided to joins us..." LOL

    If you are located in the Atlanta area and would like a personal, no obligation demo, please email me:
    Kathie Lee Gifford 
    MSNBC Live

    I've been in training for the past week. What's my new job you ask? 

    The Rainbow Cleaning System
    *The Power of Water*

    100% American made, and built to last.

    That's right, I will soon be a certified Dealer of the only Cleaning System that's a Certified Air Purifier (Certified by AHAM). 

    This machine is AMAZING!!! Did you know EPA says the air inside your house is five (5) times worse than the air outside? Crazy right? Not to mention the HORRIBLE parasites and dirt EVERY home (with a DRY vacuum) has floating in the air. 

    This machine will help reduce these indoor pollutants, putting out 99.998% CLEAN WATER WASHED AIR.

    I will say, I own one myself, and my aunt owns one as well. They are AMAZING! And well worth the investment!!!
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